Every instant of our life, happen in a place.
Internal or external.
Builded or empty spaces.
Places of everybody or belonging to ours cosiness.
The granparents’ house, the yard where we went down to play, the shore of the sea.
Sometimes, this places are able to be still inside.
Not for the color of the wall’s coating paint, for the space within which we decided the space to play and not even for the sun, on the horizon line, between sky and water.
We remember, in time, the memories of these places, because they made us feel “like at home”, they create a lofty atmosphere in ours experiences.
Quality atmosphere.
Atmosphere of a moment.
Quality of a space e not because “the pendant between curtain, of a living and its sofa’s woven is well done.”
Quality architectectural, like quality able to give emotions.
Quality of a building to succeed in giving the opportunity.
Opportunity for events to happen.
Opportunity for people to get to know.
Oportunity for individual to find himself again.
From here the museums, the squares, the homes

New York, Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park / Ph. L. Verrecchia

The Architecture’s aim, it’s totally different from the trivial judments like or dislikes to the individual and I feel badly when I realize this expertise of its director, is limited in a closed-minded consideration.
Architecture should go back to herself.
Solving the living problems and the requirements of who is, the real protagonist, of its spaces.
Architecture is of who live it, not of the Architects.
Architecture is function.
Function is essentiality.
Essentiality is exactitude.
Is something more than a form discussion.
Architecture happen, whenever that all go back to herself and finding all explains in the living’s function. Obviosly, also the eye want to be satisfied but not only this sense can’t be judge of something of much more important.
There are the volumes with their proportions.
There is the light, the Architecture’s first material.
There is human, unique and real actor of Architecture. Without him to living it, Architecture would be sculpture and how it all happen, don’t worry.