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FEDERICO II University

Prof. Arch. Ferruccio IZZO

With Honor



3.500  mq

Analysis and Architecturale Design, Social Housing Design, Internal Architecture


Inside the cortes neighbourhood, delimited by the most important madrilenian museums [Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza, Madrid Caixa Forum], by the Kapital Theatre and S. Fernando School of Fine Arts, it is necessary to intervene in an area characterized by building superfetation with a low urban value and unfinished architectural creations.
Considering the high real estate request, due to the high rate of immigration in the capital city, the madrilenian municipality decided to establish a revitalisation plan for the abandoned areas with the construction of a social housing buildings.

handmade sketch of the concept design


Feeling to belong to a own place, encircoled and marked from all that we consider house.

external render of a social housing building design


  1. Urban Redevelopment
  2. Restoration of the original shape’s lot
  3. Private and internal court
  4. Accessibility


  1. Demolition of abandoned and disused volumes
  2. Planning of buildings on the perimeter of the lot
  3. Proposal of three living units: 70, 90 and 110 sqm and a fourth version, designed for the needs of differently able people


A residential building by 40 apartments of various sizes, around a common courtyard reserved to the tenants within which, is located a nursery school.

The builgind in the North orientation, becomes a public sports center but independent from the residential units

Accessibility and Community

Priority was given to a careful design of housing units able to meet the functional needs of people with different mobility. To they, were dedicated the ground floors, in direct contact with the green areas, places of aggregation and collective gathering.

prado museum area in madrid city plan


Thus, the starting intention is to cover the urban empty spaces that are on the borders of the same project area with an internal courtyard that will be both a common and reserved space inside the building and branch of a kindergarten
building. The volumetrical height of both the entire buildings and the single floors, the proportional relations among the various flats, and, least but not last, a minimalistic style characterised the entire process design.

detailed city plan of a social housing building design area in madrid

Development and Design Evolution

schema evolutivo dell'idea di progetto
social housing design plan in madrid
render of an internal court of an social housing building

Flat 70 sqm

interior rendering of kitchen in a 70sqm flat
interior rendering of living in a 70sqm flat

Flat 90 sqm

interior rendering of living in a 90sqm flat
interior rendering of bedroom in a 90sqm flat

Flat 110 sqm

interior rendering of bedroom in a 110sqm flat
interior rendering of shower in a 110sqm flat


render della corte interna dell'asilo

Sport Center

render of a gym building in an internal court
interior render of the gym
est ovest entire parcel architectural section
nord sud entire parcel architectural section
internal court render of a social housing building design

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